GPT Tools - ChatGPT wrapper for Windows

GPT Tools is a simple utility that provides access to ChatGPT functionality in Windows applications.

ai November 28, 2023 by The Layman 150

Fast Screen Recorder - record video and audio.

Fast Screen Recorder allows you to capture video from your screen or web camera, and audio stream from your web camera, speakers or microphone. The program also have several different modes of taking the screenshots.

multimedia October 24, 2023 by The Layman 172

SpeechPulse - converts audio into text

SpeechPulse uses neural network to convert audio files or voice recorded from a microphone into text.

ai October 17, 2023 by The Layman 206

Byte Recovery - recover deleted files

Recovering accidentally deleted files is a common task that many users have probably faced. Accordingly, there are quite a large number of programs to perform this task. Byte Recovery - is one of them.

system October 10, 2023 by The Layman 169

PureSync - backup and synchronization tool

PureSync is a classic software for automatic backup and synchronization of data. It's the kind of program that everyone seems to need, but few people actually use them.

backup October 3, 2023 by The Layman 188

OPSWAT Security Score - is your PC vulnerable?

OPSWAT Security Score is a free application for detecting vulnerabilities on your computer. It checks for operating system and third-party application updates, firewall and antivirus status, whether disk encryption is enabled and data backup is configured. It also checks if any dangerous or unwanted programs are installed.

system September 26, 2023 by The Layman 124

Vivaldi is a browser that prevents spying.

Vivaldi is positioned as a secure web browser that not only doesn't track your activities, but also prevents the sites you visit from doing so. In addition, a huge number of settings and functions available will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding users.

browser September 19, 2023 by The Layman 174

mysys - fast file search tool

mysys is a system utility that scans the files on your computer, puts information about them into a database. Then it allows you to perform very fast searches by file name and content. You can view the contents of the files using the built-in VLC player, web browser and text viewer.

system September 12, 2023 by The Layman 122

BWMeter - firewall app with traffic and bandwidth control.

BWMeter is designed to monitor data transmitted over a local network or over the Internet. If you're a gamer or streamer, it can help improve your connection quality, by blocking unwanted applications from accessing the Internet or limiting the speed of the ones you want.

network September 5, 2023 by The Layman 135

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